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World Liqueur Awards 2021


World's Best Chocolate

World's Best Chocolate
Best English Chocolate
Hotel Chocolat
Salted Caramel & Clementine Chocolat Cream Liqueur


"Savoury and salty notes on the nose with caramel very well presented. Clementine is incorporated very gently creating a nice roundness. Great amount of salt not overwhelmingly sweet. Tasty in general enjoyable on the rocks."


Best Australian Chocolate
Best Australian ChocolateSunny Hill Distillery
Chocolate Liqueur
"On the nose very obvious. Dark chocolate and cocoa. It has a very thick mouth feel with deep milk chocolate flavour and a very good taste profile."


Republic of Ireland

Best Irish Chocolate
Best Irish ChocolateDeluxe
Irish Chocolate Cream Liqueur
Republic of Ireland
"Light chocolate aroma with a nice cream base and fresh chocolate profile. Very clean and pleasant. Creamy pleasant texture and not too sweet. Tasty product overall. More of a milk chocolate rather than dark."